Invisible Tan 150 ml

$ 34.00 CAD

Brand Eco Tan
With this vegan tanning lotion by Eco Tan, you don't need to risk sun damage to get your glow on! Formulated with natural aloe vera, avocado and chamomile, the Invisible Tan is a moisturizer that gradually creates a radiant glow while hydrating skin. It's the ideal moisturizer to use post-shower so you can look golden hour fresh all day tomorrow.
  • Moisturizing vegan tanning lotion by Eco Tan
  • Made with natural ingredients aloe vera, avocado oil and cacao fruit
  • Formulated without synthetic fragrances 
  • Creates a gradual tan while moisturizing your skin
  • Certified vegan and organic ingredients

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Leaf Juice*, DHA (Sugar Derived)**, Glyceryl Stearate (Vegetable Derived)**, Avocado Oil*, Macadamia Oil*, Glycerin (Vegetable Derived)*, Natural Vegetable Liquid**, Potassium Cetyl Phosphate (Vegetable Derived)**, Stearic Acid (Vegetable Derived)**, Radish Root**, Elderberry Fruit**, Rose Geranium Oil*, Chamomile Flower*, Xanthan Gum (Sugar Derived)**, Lecithin (Sugar Derived)*, Vitamin E**, Natural Sugarcane**