Honey Apple Cider Marketplace Candle 7 oz

$ 17.00 CAD

Create a relaxing atmosphere with a vegan candle infused with essential oils by Natura Soy. Made in Canada free-from honey and bees wax, the Honey Apple Cider Marketplace Candle boasts a  vegan soybean wax base infused with the aromatic notes of mint, lemon, vanilla and tonka bean.

  • Vegan candle made from natural ingredients
  • Contains 100% North American soy bean wax
  • Scented with natural essential oils and uses paper or cotton wicks
  • Free from paraffin, petroleum, palm, lead or other harmful additives
  • Approximately 45 hour burn time
  • Packaging is a reusable mason jar
  • Designed and made in Alberta, Canada

Guidance: For safety, please do not move or touch while object is still hot. Please keep out of reach of children or pets.