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Welcome to Imperative!

Since we began in 2016, our aim has been to make veganism accessible and simple for everybody. We wanted to create a space online where vegans and non-vegans could find the best vegan clothes, shoes, accessories and more products. 

Jim Atherton, Imperative’s Manager, said: “Imperative began as a brick and mortar store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We realized that there wasn’t a store in the city offering solely vegan clothing, shoes, and accessories.”

Imperative Store Front Window

Imperative was established by The 5700 Inc, the hospitality and events team behind the successful Vegandale Food & Drink Festival. The 5700 Inc created businesses and partnered with various local business owners to bring more vegan spaces to Toronto under the Vegandale umbrella. This collection includes Not Your Mother Ice Cream Shop and Doomies in The Vegandale Brewery, Mythology and Imperative.

Our motto at Imperative has always been, ‘Veganism For Everybody’. In realizing our vision to make veganism simple and even more accessible to all, it was time to take the next step forward. It was time to go global with an online store. 

Three vegan leather Chelsea boots

Everything in our store is carefully researched to ensure that it is 100% vegan. We spend ages reading the labels and fine print so you don’t have to worry about checking. 

Jim said: “Vegan winter coats and boots can be particularly challenging for shoppers to find in malls and mainstream stores as well as online. Shopping can sometimes cause vegans a lot of anxiety, especially if they have to spend a prolonged amount of time searching in stores packed with goose down jackets and boots made from real leather. 

Vegan leather jackets and denim jackets at Imperative

“We wanted to remedy this so that vegans can enjoy a peaceful shopping experience online and in-store, while people curious about veganism can learn more about choosing all vegan everything to end the abuse and exploitation of animals.”

Vegan shoes and accessories on tables at Imperative

Find out why veganism is Imperative by visiting our online store here for your essentials like vegan winter coats, shoes, boots, bags, clothing, and more vegan essentials. Trekking through Toronto? Step inside our store HQ, located at 1332 Queen St West.

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October 25, 2019 — Sharna Ridge

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