Cougar Storm Kensington Boots in Black with red sock detail on their box

How To Care For Vegan Winter Boots

For some, winter is the most wonderful time of the year and for others it’s time to hibernate. Whether you love or loathe winter, we can all agree that everyone needs a good pair of sturdy vegan winter boots to battle the elements. As a vegan store based in the heart of Toronto, we’re experts on vegan winter wear and the most common question we get asked by our customers is: ‘how do I care for my winter boots?’. 

So here are our top five tips on how to look after your vegan winter boots and make ‘em last throughout the big freeze:

  • Make sure you have the right boots for your climate.
  • Selecting the correct vegan winter boots for the weather is key to keeping you warm and dry. From the immense mountains of snow in Montreal to the pitter-patter of rain showers in Vancouver, each state and province across North America experiences winter differently. If you live somewhere with a milder climate that experiences rain regularly, opting for lightweight slip-on designs like a pair of waterproof rubber rain boots will keep you dry without being too heavy duty. If winter is an epic saga of seemingly never ending snow blizzards however, you’re going to need hardy waterproof winter boots that come up to the middle of your calf or towards your knee. Look out for features such as anti-slip soles, vegan fur and faux shearling lining for warmth and temperature ratings on vegan winter boots if you need your pair to conquer snow. Our team does not recommend wearing soft materials like faux suede during winter as it is quite delicate, however footwear made from PU and other faux matte vegan leathers have an adequate level of water resistance naturally.

    Cougar Storm Creek Winter Boots on top of their box in Black with red sock details

  • Even if your boots are waterproof… treat them!
  • This might sound strange  if your boots are already waterproof and pre-treated but a little extra protection will ensure your boots stick around for multiple winters. Our protective shoe treatments and vegan dubbin will brighten up your winter boots while topping up their protective elements. Treating your boots with a little bit of this TLC every one to three months goes a long way!

  • After going outside in deep snow or pouring rain, dry your boots inside AND out. 
  • After trekking home from work and battling the elements along the way, we know how tempting it is to just kick off your boots and put your feet up straight away without drying your footwear immediately. However a simple step like using an old t-shirt or some paper towels to wipe off your boots will prevent mold and rust from forming. And if your boots are soaked inside? Simply grab an old newspaper or some paper towels, screw them up and stuff them inside your boots. Leave your boots to dry for a few hours and voila, the water will be soaked up from inside. 

  • Fight rust and salt stains with this simple trick!
  • So your boots are dry from heel to toe and you’re ready to treat them… but there are tons of salt stains and a bit of rust forming on the metal eyelets. Winter weather is brutal to any type of footwear but it’s possible to counteract damage caused by the elements with simple household items before you treat your footwear. For example, rust can be prevented by mixing a tablespoon of salt and some lemon juice to remove it from eyelets with a paper towel, while salt stains can be removed with a mix of water and vinegar instead. 

  • Store your boots at the right temperature.
  • Living in an area that deals with temperatures below freezing, your boots may be vulnerable to mold and bacteria build up from exposure. Temperature plays a massive role in the health of your boots so make sure to store your pair in a cool, dry area that’s not excessively hot or too cold.

    Armed with these tips, you should be able to keep your vegan winter boots in top condition for many winters to come. If you’re looking for the perfect pair why not visit us at our HQ located at 1332 Queen St W, Toronto? Or if you’re hibernating, beat the lines and check out our selection of vegan winter boots online now.