Imperative Tours North America With Vegandale Food & Drink Festival!

Festival season was such a blast! 

We absolutely loved meeting you all in person and partying with you.

This year Imperative brought all things vegan to New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia and back home in Toronto with the Vegandale Food Drink Festival.

The Vegandale Food & Drink Festival is one of the largest vegan festivals in North America and hosts hundreds of vendors who specialize in food, drink and clothing without animal exploitation. 

We have a long history with Vegandale that goes way back to when we began in December 2016. 

Imperative boot at Vegandale Festival with t-shirts, tank tops and totes underneath a banner that says Imperative all vegan everything in capital letters

The fest was founded by The 5700 Inc, the hospitality and events team behind the successful Carabana Festivals. Powered by a passion for veganism and providing the local community with more vegan options, they partnered with various local business owners to create more vegan spaces in the heart of Toronto.

These businesses include Not Your Mother Ice Cream Shop and Doomies in The Vegandale Brewery, Copenhagen Cafe, Mythology and, of course, Imperative! 

The team behind Vegandale Food & Drink Festival is made up of passionate vegans who work hard all year round to bring you the best vegan food, drink, clothing, and entertainment from your city and beyond.

Mallory Warren, Vegandale’s Events & Marketing Coordinator, has worked with the company for over a year and oversees the organization of each festival. 

Mallory says, ‘‘Last year was my first festival season and I fell in love with it! We are a small team organizing five festivals within a few weeks of each other - it was a lot of hard work but I was super excited to become even more involved with the organizing process this year.’’

She adds, ‘‘Vegandale is about bringing veganism to people and breaking any preconceived notions about what it means to be vegan. With a Vegandale restaurant or festival, we aim to show people that there's no reason why you would not choose the vegan option!

‘‘Unlike other la-dee-da veg fests, the Vegandale Festival is a party atmosphere that makes people see why it's cool to be vegan. It breaks the stereotype that vegans are hippies who only eat grass, by showcasing the best mouthwatering vegan food and a crazy party atmosphere that's so much fun!’’

Vegandale sign with the Toronto skyline in the background

The world is vegan if you want to make it come together, so each Vegandale Festival featured the brightest vegan vendors from your local city and abroad. Vendors vary at different festival locations but one thing was certain: everyone was guaranteed a great time!

Mallory says, ‘‘I love to see everyone having fun and enjoying amazing vegan food from all over North America and beyond! We've had a vendor come all the way from Switzerland to participate and I'm sure we'll pick up more vendors from far and wide as veganism takes over!

‘‘I feel the same fun, vibrant and supportive vegan community in every city we've been to. Some cities party harder at the stage than others though!’’

For more information on Vegandale Food Drink Festival, visit the official Vegandale website here

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